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Бухгалтер в иностранную компанию

Описание курса

Вы давно мечтаете улучшить свои знания по английскому языку в финансовой сфере. Вы мечтаете работать в иностранной компании, но не хватает знаний по терминологии и специфике языка. Приходите к нам и мы поможем вам!

Accounting and finance are the universal languages of business and their functions form the core of most organizations. The accounting function sets up the bookkeeping system, monitors it, prepares and presents the financial statements to management and interprets them as needed. Bookkeeping is a part of the accounting function and involves the mechanical aspect of recording , classifying and summarizing transactions in account books and posting them to respective financial statements. Apart from the statutory importance accounting data is very critical to any organization’s decision and control system. This course aims at familiarizing all learners with basic accounting principles and concepts that set the ground for more advanced learning in this area.

Программа курса

•Accounting for cash operations
•Accounting for non-cash operations
•Cash documents
•Bank documents
•Accounting for fixed assets
•Accounting for intangible assets
•Depreciation of fixed assets
•Accounting for administrative expenses
•Accounting for business trip allowance
•Advance payment document. (money given to advance holder)
•Payroll accounting
•Obligatory payments and taxes
•Salary payments
•Accounting for inventories
•Accounting for Payables
•Tax invoices received
•Power of Attorney
•Accounting for Receivables
•Invoice to Customer
•Sales of goods and services
•Tax invoices issued
•Balance Sheet
• Income Statement (Profit and Loss Statement)
•Cash Flow Statement
•Statement of Changes in Owner's Equity

Информация о курсе

Trainer: Aida Zhakupova
10 day course price: 200 000 KZT

Вы получите сертификат по окончанию курса:

Certificate Advantage Education

Записаться на курс "Бухгалтер в иностранную компанию":